Brief History of Deliverance Temple Worship Center

After a season of prayer and fasting, in response to call of God Deliverance Temple Church of God was founded on August 6th 1999 by Pastors Arlene and Raymond Hall.

The congregation started in the living room of the pastors home 89 Mora Street Dorchester Mass. For 6 weeks pastor Hall taught the young group on the power on the power of prayer followed by weekly prayer walks and evangelism. Through a prayerful strategic process this small group of believers decided on the name of the church and the mission statement Our Mission statement is “To bring Healing and Deliverance, to Equip, Empower and Make Disciples, in the Spirit and Power of Pentecost.”

In complete obedience and submission to God’s will on September 25, 1999 Bishop Wallace Sibley, State Overseer of Southern New England Church of God at the time, officially organized Deliverance Temple. Reverend Arlene Hall was inaugurated as the senior Pastor of Deliverance Temple with 12 members.

We built a space in our home for church and held weekly services there as well as host the office of the church. At our fourth location we were able to hold bible study and youth ministries outside our home. The big turnaround for the ministry occurred when we moved to our fifth location where we had ample
off street parking, multiple meeting rooms as well as office space. Spiritually and numerically we immediately saw the difference in terms of growth with Sunday service attendance increased steadily to over one hundred for the first time. We continue to develop leaders and make disciples.

There have been various transitions since our first prayer meeting at 89 Mora St. Dorchester. Below are the locations that we occupied as our place of worship.

9/25/99 Trotter School-Induction Service for Pastor Arlene O. Hall
1/00-2/00 Nuestra Community Center, Roxbury MA
2/00-5/02 Berea SDA, Roxbury, MA
5/02-11/03 Faith Pentecostal, Dorchester MA
11/03-11/06-1020 Harvard St. Mattapan, MA
12/06 Present 232-236A Columbia Road Dorchester, MA. On the 1st Sunday of December 2006 we moved into this location and passed closing papers in March 2006.

After acquiring this property we changed our church name to Deliverance Temple Worship Center with the implication that this house will be a center of worship and deliverance in this community and the city of Boston. Throughout the years we have experienced steady growth with the ministry that started with fourteen members including bishop, pastor and their 3 eldest children.

After three years at this property and seven years of ministry in the City we finally purchased our own building. Once the excitement for a new building we soon realized that not having off-street parking was a huge factor. we started a second service (8am) this has increased our capacity in different ways especially with the challenge we have with parking in the inner city. By the mighty hand of God DTWC membership is over 200 and we give God praise for the faithful leaders and members who continue to serve the Lord with all their heart.

Under the visionary leadership of Bishop Raymond Hall and Dr. Raymond Hall God has favored the ministry of DT. They are respected for their leadership in the City of Boston AND the COG Denomination. Today as we celebrate 19th years we say like the psalmist this is the Lords doing and its marvelous in our eyes.